Tantikil UNLIMITED, Inc., is a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Alaska. The company has been in existence since 1992. Areas of expertise of the firm include: ANCSA land management, forestry, planning, natural resource and project management, grant writing and management, marketing-business development, and training.

Various types of projects undertaken by the firm include:

14(c)(3) planning • 14(c)(1,2) land claim adjudication • mining claim research, mapping, and assessment filing • environmental impact assessment • permitting • ANCSA land selections • timber cruising • Native allotment adjudication • grant writing • ANCSA and grant writing training sessions • university-level instruction in environmental and natural resource subjects • fuel-spill clean-up liaison • land-use planning • ANCSA Post 1971 Occupancy Analysis • RS 2477 analysis • negotiation of natural resource development agreements • preparation of land legal descriptions • Native advocacy • corporate planning • management audits • land status research • land-resource management training • airport development • land exchange negotiations • land-resource conflict resolution • development of village corporation land distribution programs • analysis and audits of ANCSA land selections and conveyances to determine receipt of full entitlement.

Clients that Tantikil UNLIMITED, Inc., has provided services to include:

The Kuskokwim Corporation • Lime Village Company • Alaska Native Foundation • City of St. George • Bob Goldberg, Attorney • Chitina Native Corporation • Alaska Pacific University • Taiga Resource Consultants • Mike Pavlik, miner • EMCON, Alaska, Inc. • Ganawas Corporation • Ahtna, Inc. • Gold Creek-Susitna Native Association • University of Alaska Statewide Office of Land Management • MTNT, Ltd. • Alaska Land Status, Inc. • Alaska Native Foundation • Qagan Tayagungin Tribal Council • Ingalik, Inc. • Too’gha, Inc. • Iqfijouaq Co., Inc. • Knikatnu, Inc. • Deloycheet, Inc. • Newtok Native Corporation • Nunakauiak Yupik Corporation • Akhiok-Kaguyak, Inc. • St. George Traditional Council • Native Village of St. Michael • Mentasta Traditional Council • Montana Creek Native Association • Native Village of Eklutna • Nagamut, Ltd. • LCMF, Inc. • Cheesh-na Tribal Council • Bristol Bay Native Corporation • Telida Native Village • Pitka’s Point Native Corporation • Olgoonik Corporation • Kwik , Inc. • Holy Cross Oil Co. • Nunapiglluraq Corp.

The philosophy of this company is to provide absolutely the best professional research, management, and planning services at the least cost. Our focus is on doing the best job possible for the client, doing exactly what they want, and saving them the most money possible in the process. Client satisfaction is extremely important.

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